Local Initiative SMART

The Sustainability Management and Reporting Tool (SMART) is a comprehensive, yet easy to use dashboard that provides baseline sustainability performance, prioritizes initiatives, and tracks continuous improvement in four key areas - carbon and energy, water, waste, and healthy and sustainable food and environments

Local Initiative PERC

Sodexo partners with Professor Tom O'Donnel, who is part of PERC. PERC is proud to be the organizing body for the Pennsylvania Higher Education Food Recovery Challenge. Working together, PERC challenges us to cut down on food waste and see benefits that range from reducing hunger to reducing campus GHG emissions. Additionally, the food that is left over is taken to various shelters and food pantries of the surrounding locations of campus on Friday evenings.

Local Suppliers

We work closely with local produce distributors to maximize the fruits and vegetables purchased from local farms. We also purchase from local dairies, and participate in farm to school initiatives.  Tracking local purchases helps us to meet our Better Tomorrow Plan commitment of 20% local purchase by 2020. 

Local Dairy

All of our fluid milk is purchased from local dairies that do not use rBST. rBST is a product primarily given to dairy cattle by injection to increase milk production. Bovine somatotropin or bovine somatotrophin (abbreviated bST and BST), or bovine growth hormone (BGH), is a peptide hormone produced by cows' pituitary gland.