Dining Services Reopening Plan

Welcome returning Cabrini Students and Incoming Freshmen!

Below you will find COVID-19 mitigation practices to keep everyone at Cabrini safe and healthy on Campus this fall semester.

Masks-Everyone will be required to wear a mask in the dining hall.  Once seated the mask may be taken off to eat.  Mask should be on when getting up to get seconds and when leaving the dining area.

Greeters and Cashiers-Cashiers will be behind plexiglass shields and guests will be required to swipe their own payment when possible.

Seating-Seating in the dining areas is limited to 25% of the pre-Covid occupancy.  Picnic tables with umbrellas have been set up outside for additional seating.  Seating will be on a first come first serve basis.  Once the dining hall has reached maximum capacity diners will have to que outside the area until guests in the area leave and tables can be cleaned and sanitized.  Take out options are readily available.

Cleaning and Sanitation-Dining staff will be constantly cleaning and sanitizing all areas of the facilities including tables and frequently touched surfaces.

Directional Signage-Directional signs are placed on floors to assist with the flow of operations.

Service-Self Service stations will be discontinued and replaced with served meals and prepackaged items such as cups of fruit, prepackaged desserts, and single serve juices.

Disposable Wears-All plates, cups and utensils will be disposable.  Second servings will be provided on clean plates and a clean cup will be provided for drinks that are not single service.  We ask that all trash is disposed of properly to keep our campus clean and tidy!

Condiments and Salad Dressings-All condiments and salad dressings will be proportioned for single use.

Staff-Staff will always also be required to wear masks as well as gloves.  Staff is increasing sanitation procedures on frequently touched surfaces in our kitchens.  Staff will have their temperatures taken upon arrival and have been trained in practicing social distancing while at work.

Entering and Exiting-There will be one way into the dining hall and one way out.  This will prevent multiple students in doorways at one time.  Additionally, there will be hand sanitizer stations located at each entry and exit point.  There is also a hand washing station for guests to use.

Bite + App-We are in the process of developing the Bite + App which will allow guests to preorder and pay for food prior to arriving.  Guests will be able to make their selections via the app, pay for their order using a meal plan, cash or credit card, and come to their selected location to pick up their prepared food and take out of the dining area to eat in their room or other area on campus.  This will give guest the option of contactless dining.

Questions or Concerns?  Please reach out to Tracy Eells at 610-902-8152 ortracy.eells@sodexo.com.